To parents and legal guardians and our students

We wish you a relaxing holiday and a great summer! Everyone needs relaxation and, thanks to the loosened infection protection, they can once again pursue familiar and beloved everyday activities, hobbies and contacts.

After the holidays, we will probably start the school year “normally” if the low infection rates are maintained. But we can all contribute to this by acting responsibly!

At this point you can always inform yourself about the latest status! About a week before the first day of school in the new school year, all important information is published here.

Since the school is not always manned, you can always reach us in urgent cases via

Please write as precisely as possible what your request is and give us, in addition to your sender email, other contact details (telephone number) at which we can reach you.

Stay / stay healthy!

For the staff and employees

G. Knierim and M. Keßebohm


Lessons offered

To parents and legal guardians!

There are new job offers in the Padlets that are related to Advent and / or Christmas:

Created with Padlet

Created with Padlet

We will be sending teaching materials to families to varying degrees this week.

Make it clear to yourself that many of the students have to be accompanied by you during the processing!

The workload should not exceed 1 hour per day!

The teachers will telephone you to clarify whether it is also possible to send you material via email.

On this page you will find links to work materials, games, video material etc. that your children can also edit digitally.

More suggestions on how to practice reading, writing, arithmetic, and science subjects with your children in everyday life follow.

Oriolus Mathematics and German Elementary School Learning Program:

(If you are interested, you will receive the required activation code for our school by email, simply send an inquiry to the school email address)

- Funding materials for schoolchildren who communicate with support:

- different lists of learning apps (partly free of charge)

For I Pad or other tablets, tested and recommended by educators and therapists for different levels / abilities and school subjects:

- Sensible offers from individual television stations, for example from ARD, WDR, KIKA ...

"Sendung mit der Maus", WDR, daily at 11.30 am

"Planet Wissen", SWR, Monday to Friday from 12.15 pm "

“Logo”, Kika, 11:05 am and 7:50 pm

"Kika - Besser.Wissen" with "Knowledge Makes Ah" or "Pur plus", Kika, daily from 11:15 am

Please also note the media libraries of the individual broadcasters

(“verschiedene Lernangebote vom Kita-Alter bis zum Oberstufen-Jahrgang”):

- Other employment opportunities (tinkering, painting, quizzes, game suggestions):

Labbé - handicrafts, design, DIY Labbé - handicrafts, design, DIY