Project potato

Science teaching


Science teaching

General instruction takes place in all classes.

It will be different Topics from different specialist areas processed:

Nature / life

Technology / world of work

Time / culture / history

People / community / politics

Space / environment / mobility

In one school curriculum are Compulsory topics defined for all levels, which can be supplemented with additional content according to the interests of the students or current events.

Science subjects are often called interdisciplinary projects processed and taken up as projects in other subjects (see below: example “All about the potato”).

In addition, the project is characterized by:

the participation of the pupils in the overall planning of the project within the scope of their individual possibilities (set goals together, plan procedures and assess the work done)

the highest possible Independence and self-determination of the students

(Projects should also have a certain "emergency character" in order to lead the students to greater self-determination and participation and to make them step by step more independent of teacher help)

the Interest orientation (based on the students' wishes and suggestions) and the Based on curricula

a high Relation to everyday life and reality

the Steering and control function of the teachers at important points in the project (teachers as instructors and learning partners)

a high level of acting learning with all students

- a presentable result or a product of action.

All about the potato - an example of an interdisciplinary project

Since every project has to be tailored to the individual possibilities and interests of the student group, this is expressly an example in which a selection and weighting is required under the individual aspects.

Visit to a potato farmer and harvest on site

We are potato growers:
Sowing and harvesting potatoes in the school garden

Vocabulary expansion:
different terms related to the potato

What does a potato look like:
Observations on the growth and appearance of potatoes and plants

Project potato

All about the potato

Stories about the potato:
The Potato King (read, look at, listen, play along)

Delicious - potato:
What can you cook from the potato?

Weighing and weighing of potatoes;
Estimating height and weight

Art with potatoes:
Potato print

Exercise with potatoes:
Potato run

We cook potato dishes:
French fries, potato pancakes, etc.

Which products in the supermarket are made from or with potatoes?

The history of the potato or: where does the potato come from?