Which internships can be done?

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As part of the Teacher training / other school training The following internships can be completed:

As part of the Career orientation can students of upper secondary level also complete an internship.

  • Student internship  2 - 3 weeks approx. 28 hours / week Mrs. Steeg
Further important information about the internship


Interns as part of teacher training sit in on various classes and levels in the first week.

From the second week the interns continue the internship in a class in consultation with the contact person and / or the training officer.

Depending on the content of the internship, parts of the lessons, supervision and support can be taken over by individual students or small groups, or lessons can be planned and carried out under the guidance of a teacher.

We expect that

  • an open and friendly atmosphere
  • Interest in working with our students
  • information About the school and school program on the school website before the internship begins
  • Observance of the rules that apply in the school
  • Collaboration / assistance in all areas of everyday school life
  • Consultation with the supervising teachers regarding the internship tasks
  • Independent and timely arrangement of appointments
  • Immediate notification in the event of illness
  • compliance with confidentiality regarding personal data, Nondisclosure Statement print out and on the first day of the internship bring it with you signed
  • Acknowledgment of the Infection Protection Act (Section 35), form please print it out and bring it with you signed

Sign up

By post or email with the following data:

  • Name, address
  • E-mail address. Phone number
  • Type, duration, desired period of the internship
  • possibly special requests (grade level, focus of observation)
  • Brief explanation of why you want to do the internship with us