Usage agreements


Preliminary remark: Internet usage rights

Work (a work) by Schoolchildren / trainee teachers / teachers - such as texts, images, drawings or exhibits - are works protected by copyright, provided they represent their own personal intellectual creation. In principle, only the person who created the work is entitled to copyrights. Ideas themselves cannot be protected. Furthermore, the copyrights cannot be transferred to an institution (school, seminar). Thus, the student / trainee teacher / teacher also has all the rights of an author (e.g. right to name the author) in his work.

If the school / seminar further exploits the work in a manner relevant to copyright, the relevant rights of use must be obtained.

The forms of exploitation relevant to copyright include, for example, duplication or online retrieval.

If the work of students / trainee teachers / teachers from the school / seminar is made publicly available (e.g. via the homepage), the student (possibly the parents) / the trainee / teacher should provide the work in question with a license model . The type and scope of use are defined in the license model.

Other uses

The respective copyright applies to all downloads offered by us in the public area. If you download them, then only for private use! If you distribute this content or use it commercially, the author's written permission is required.

All media offered by third-party providers are published or linked on our website with their consent to use.

For all other pictures / videos the copyright lies with the operator of the website. We have given the consent for persons shown in pictures and videos (especially schoolchildren). Any consent given must be revoked in writing by the pupil or their legal representative.

You can find the cancellation form here

All information in the calendar is without guarantee.


Information from the Ministry of Education on the GDPR

Data protection notice; Information on data protection officers                                 

The above-mentioned information obligation according to Article 13 GDPR also applies to people who use the school homepage. If cookies, visitor counters, questionnaires, etc. are set up on a school's homepage and the school processes data from people who have visited the homepage, a note must also be made as to whether and how personal-related when accessing the homepage Data are processed. In accordance with the objective of the GDPR to achieve transparency in the handling of data, visitors to the website must be informed of what is happening with their data in the background.           

In addition, according to Article 37 Paragraph 7 GDPR, it is mandatory to publish the contact details of the responsible school data protection officer. A note on the school's homepage is also suitable for this purpose. It is sufficient to provide your work e-mail address and telephone number.           

A sample of a data protection declaration can be found here shortly.

Photos, names

The names of pupils and parents as well as photos of persons may - as before - only be published on the homepage with the consent of the persons concerned. The consent can be revoked with effect for the future.

On the other hand, it is permissible to publish the names of the teachers because the GDPR opens up national regulatory options for the member states. Since public bodies are obliged under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act of North Rhine-Westphalia (IFG) to publish organizational charts and business distribution plans (if available), this also includes the legal authorization to indicate the names of employees or teachers on the homepage.