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Playing goes to school - We took part in the nationwide competition and won

Unsere Schule hat bei der jährlichen Ausschreibung der Initiative “Playing goes to school” eine umfangreiche Spieleausstattung gewonnen.

The initiative “Playing makes school” was launched by the association Mehr Zeit für Kinder and the ZNL Transfer Center for Neurosciences and Learning. The initiative, which was advertised for the 13th time this year, is supported by the 16 ministries of education. The toys are made available free of charge by the member companies of the German Association of the Toy Industry eV (DVSI).

The pupils and the teachers are very happy about the educationally valuable games as well as the experiment kits and the construction toys. For a few weeks now, people have been playing, constructing and experimenting diligently in class and in the games group. Playing expands individual skills and promotes togetherness. In short: it makes you fit for the demands of school and life.

Good games are an important addition to school education. Children do not differentiate between learning and playing, they learn by playing. " (Prof. Dr. Dr. Manfred Spitzer)

Further information on the initiative and the pedagogically tested toys is available on the Internet at: