Art Potrait


Sculptural design (art)


“Art lessons are about more than art, it's about the aesthetic experience of children and young people - in their perception, action and thinking. Opening up these processes to them, accompanying them in them and letting them become independent is the practice and concept of art teaching. "

This quote from a trade journal makes it clear that art class is about more than making any product. Art PotraitThe self-portrait of a pre-school student design process in itself, in which the students contribute with their own identity, the joy and fun in artistic activity and the feeling of satisfaction with their own performance, which every person experiences after their completed artistic work, are far greater Meaning. Building self-confidence and self-confidence through experiencing your own skills is therefore a crucial element of the work.

Printing with your hands  Art hands

The art class at our school is primarily about the sensual experiences of the students. By designing yourself and learning with all your senses, you get to experience your own self and world.

The art class creates space for discovery learning and free experimentation with many different materials and techniques. Students can also gain social experience working with a partner or in a group while working together.

Art fries  ... or French fries with ketchup made from plasticine

Sculpting with modeling clay: a millipede   Art Centipede

The choice of topics is based on the interests and realities of life of the students. They can be implemented in different ways, e.g. by sculptural design (of clay, wood, stone and other materials), by flat design (painting, drawing, printing and stamping, collaging) or by designing with technical-visual media (photography , Design with the computer).

Painting with oil pastels in the art group A great motivation for the students is the experience that their "art" does not always stay in the classroom, but that their work is also recognized and valued outside of school. For example, pictures, cards and calendars are sold at the annual Christmas bazaars. Occasional picture exhibitions over a longer period of time in public institutions are always experiences of a very special kind. Art AG