A schoolday

To parents and legal guardians and our students

We wish you a relaxing holiday and a great summer! Everyone needs relaxation and, thanks to the loosened infection protection, they can once again pursue familiar and beloved everyday activities, hobbies and contacts.

After the holidays, we will probably start the school year “normally” if the low infection rates are maintained. But we can all contribute to this by acting responsibly!

At this point you can always inform yourself about the latest status! About a week before the first day of school in the new school year, all important information is published here.

Since the school is not always manned, you can always reach us in urgent cases via verwaltung@schule-am-schwalbenweg.herne.de

Please write as precisely as possible what your request is and give us, in addition to your sender email, other contact details (telephone number) at which we can reach you.

Stay / stay healthy!

For the staff and employees

G. Knierim and M. Keßebohm


This presentation is not related to any specific class or level. A typical daily routine is shown, for which the subjects were selected as examples.

Der Schulbus hält direkt vor der Schule.Die meisten Schüler erreichen die Schule mit dem Schulbus.Hierfür werden zwei Busse eingesetzt. Die Haltestellen sind so eingerichtet, dass möglichst kurze und ungefährliche Fußwege entstehen. Einige Schüler fahren mit dem Linienbus oder kommen zu Fuß oder mit dem Fahrrad zur Schule. Die Rollstuhlfahrer werden mit dem schuleigenen „Rollibus“ und vom ASB transportiert. Aussteigen aus dem “Rollibus” Einige Schüler werden vom ASB transportiert.


Every school day begins with a common morning circle in the entrance hall. After a welcoming song, important information is given for the day and birthday parties are celebrated.

Morning circle

At the beginning of the first lesson block, the younger students in particular discuss the current date and the daily schedule in the class. The current month - as a word card, laid out by oneself and as a gesture is searched for. The planning for the school day is the same. In the weekly plan there are worksheets (here: writing numbers) ... In the "weekly plan", the students receive individual tasks with which content from the areas of reading, writing, arithmetic and perception can be repeated and consolidated. At the same time, the students practice working independently, at their workplace organize and follow a work plan.

8:30 a.m., 9:15 a.m. or 10:15 a.m.: Depending on the level and class, breakfast takes place at different times!

Breakfast is shared in all classes.
Usually the students bring their breakfast with them. In some classes, the weekly class breakfast also promotes the independence of the students (making bread, setting the table, shopping, ...).

Once a week, students at the practical level offer the "bread roll service". After pre-ordering, they provide classmates and teachers with freshly filled rolls.

10.45 a.m. break

Younger students like to play with various large building blocks during breaks in the rain ...

... the older ones prefer table football and table tennis.

11.00 a.m .: 2nd block of lessons - e.g. material lessons

In the course of their school days, the students work on a wide range of subject-matter subjects, e.g. about themselves, social relationships, public institutions, nature and technology, as well as work and profession. The content is based on the life situation of the students and is conveyed in a clear and action-oriented manner with many practical exercises and on-site visits.
The younger students deal with the subject of “My family and I”, among other things, while subjects such as “First Aid” are also on the timetable for the older students.

12.30 p.m .: lunch
Lunch in prepress    

Lunch is also served together in the classes. The food is delivered from the Herne workshop for the disabled.

All tasks “around the meals” are done by the students.
The office plan specifies who is responsible for what.

1:15 p.m .: break (designed leisure time)

During the break after lunch, there are daily changing offers with the “break boxes”.
The students are responsible for the lending process.

Every Thursday the “break room” is opened during the break after lunch.
Here students sell small sweets.

1.45 p.m .: 3rd lesson block - e.g. works

In the woodworking workshop, all pupils from middle school upwards get to know different techniques and tools for working with wood.

According to their individual possibilities, the students learn how to use machines - of course, taking into account the necessary safety regulations.

3.15 p.m .: School closes

The third lesson block ends at 3:15 p.m.
School buses leave at 3:30 p.m.

End of school - boarding the school buses

That was a completely normal school day at the school on Schwalbenweg.
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